Nick Romeo

"Carbon 14 Dating Sites" by Nick Romeo

Cain met Lucy
on a really wide web
but escaped before
Shelob returned

 From there
They exchanged
smoke signals
and etched love notes
on cave walls

 Their first date was at
a diner named
Amber Gardens
located near a tar pit
east of Eden

 he gave her a bouquet
of Strychnos Electri
they both ordered
a mammoth leg
fern salad
and for dessert
moth flavored glacier
cream cones

 shortly after
Cain clubbed Lucy
on the head
she gave birth
and named him

 one day while
riding his pet trilobite
little Atrahasis felt
a drop of water
      then another
            and another

— daddy
why does water
fall from sky

— I don’t know son
but I’m sure
it’s nothing
to worry about

Nick Romeo is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and writer. His writings have been published in various literary magazines.  He was interviewed for Pankhearst's Fresh Featured of December 2015 and The Dailey Poet Site of February 2016. Nick lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with his wife and cat, Megatron.