Ursus Americanus Press is proud to present Greg Zorko's Chirp. Greg is a writer born in Albany, NY and currently living in Madison, WI. As humorous as they are heartbreaking, Zorko's poems toe the line between playful and formal in a way that can mystify before placing themselves right in front of your nose. These poems are an awkward square dance in socks on a freshly waxed VFW floor, a sleepy Midwestern interstate made magic by a party of horses, a lump rising in the throat of a baby bird. 

from "i didn't know before but now i know it's real"

"when i found out

that you buy chunks of mango

twice a day

at Trader Joe’s

i was so impressed

by your ritual passion

i told you all of my theories

how we should make cash edible

in case we are hungry

and don’t want to drive to the store

i build the world around you

i’m like a knock off

Stevie Nicks

i remember in text messages

you used to spell it

Stevie Knicks

like New York Knicks

i remember too

the eggs in the pan

the manes of all the horses

at the farm outside the city

i feel the movement of the sound around the room

but i don’t hear anything

my heart is a hot corn bean bag"
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